In Wealdstone
the party arrives in Wealdstone

Days 4-11
After the night at the Millstone inn, the party awakes to a rainy day and travels north along the king’s highway to Wealdstone, arriving before noon. They spend the day meandering around the town and shopping for supplies.

  • Joyce finds a place to stay, and inquires about an apprenticeship as a leatherworker.
    *Al Sevan visits an orphanage and ‘adopts’ 18 year old Wynna
    *Xi Jun runs into Ragnarok who tells him that Lady Jaquelline is in need of their services following the wedding, and that he will arrange a meeting for them. The party attends the wedding, getting in because of Mucci being nobility, and then follows the nobles back to the Castle, where after feasting, they meet with Lady Jaqueline. She tells them about Varos, the king’s son, who is becoming drunk with power and needs to be stopped before he can assassinate the king. She hires them party to take care of this for the good of the kingdom, which the party accepts.
Back to Civilization
the party makes its way to Wealdstone

Days 2 and 3:
The party travels North and east, trying to stay clear of the forest, in which the party hears howls. While marching east through a clearing, a brown bear crosses their path, clearly lame. Mucci charges it, dealing it some severe blows, but the Bear responds in kind, knocking Mucci unconscious. Al Sevan leaps at the bear, wrestling it to the ground and choking it to death as Joyce Amer administers first aid to Mucci.

Day 4:
The party travels onward, finally clear of the forest, and camps in a meadow within sight of the king’s highway.

Day 5:
At dawn, the group is attacked by a pair of giant centipedes which they easily dispatch. They then move onto the road, which they follow northward, coming to the Millstone Inn, where they are able to finally have a roof over their heads for the first time in nearly a week. At the inn, Mucci insults a pair of dwarves, and the party meets another dwarf who is searching for a powerful family heirloom that had been stolen by a necromancer and his cultists. The party also talks to a halfling named Ryellia who is interested in learning the fate of a group who had been sent out to explore the Shelukkhizd Crags.

Day 1
captured by bandits

The party, captured by slaver bandits, awakes in a cave tied to iron rings in the wall. They break free of their fetters, and overwhelm the two bandits guarding them. They then set a trap for the remainder that are in the remainder of the cave, and begin picking them off. Entering the cave, the bandits have fled, leaving 2 other prisoners, Tiva and Joyce Amer behind. Ragnarok leaves the party to take one of the back to town to administer justice.

The party frees the two girls and they follow the bandits down a trap door and out another secret exit. Trying to track the bandits, the party follows them Southwest until the tracks split. The party goes north, and comes upon the camp of one of the groups.

With Al Sah-Him, Mucci, and Xi Jun attempting to recon the camp, a battle ensues. Al Sah-Him is slain as Vesh Killian is able to slip away into darkness.

As Mucci and Xi Jun mourn the loss of the ranger, Iris, Tiva, Joyce Amer, and Al Sevan come walking up, having run into Al Sevan who was out searching for his friend. Al Sevan is distraught at Al Sah-him’s death and the party gives Sah-him a burial. Iris decides that he should head back to his home forest and attempt to rebuild his tribe. Tiva decides to follow him, and they leave the party to travel south.


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