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the party makes its way to Wealdstone

Days 2 and 3:
The party travels North and east, trying to stay clear of the forest, in which the party hears howls. While marching east through a clearing, a brown bear crosses their path, clearly lame. Mucci charges it, dealing it some severe blows, but the Bear responds in kind, knocking Mucci unconscious. Al Sevan leaps at the bear, wrestling it to the ground and choking it to death as Joyce Amer administers first aid to Mucci.

Day 4:
The party travels onward, finally clear of the forest, and camps in a meadow within sight of the king’s highway.

Day 5:
At dawn, the group is attacked by a pair of giant centipedes which they easily dispatch. They then move onto the road, which they follow northward, coming to the Millstone Inn, where they are able to finally have a roof over their heads for the first time in nearly a week. At the inn, Mucci insults a pair of dwarves, and the party meets another dwarf who is searching for a powerful family heirloom that had been stolen by a necromancer and his cultists. The party also talks to a halfling named Ryellia who is interested in learning the fate of a group who had been sent out to explore the Shelukkhizd Crags.



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