Al Sah-Him

A fallen ranger


Dark haired shou male, looks early twenties with shaggy black hair and very faint stubble

Carries a lot of gear, including a long bow & scimitars with an iron wood shield.

He wears scale armor over his common clothes.


A traveling ranger you met along the way, wearing scale armor & a heavy bag, he looks armed & ready for anything.

It seems like he wants to mind his own business but it wasn’t hard to convince him to join you all, though he seemed to come to the decision himself with not much convincing, & he still hasn’t told you his name.

He ended up captured & tied up along with you all with no recollection of how it happened, but now free with his gear back, he plans on finding out why.

This ranger fought with you all to clear out the cave but the bandits managed to get away. He plans on hunting them all down.

He took a desperate leap of faith to save Tiva from falling to her death & they both barely managed to survive.

The ranger died during scouting the bandit camp, surrounded and cut down by them while he was trying to draw their attention away from the party. They never even knew his name.

Al Sah-Him

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