King Demitar

King of the kingdom of Caburh and head of the House of Caburh


As told by Galadior:
“King Demitar is the Head of the house of Caburh. His family were the ones who managed to bring together the different Clans of human nobles in this corner of the world, back… well, a few hundred years ago. I’m no historian, that’s for sure. There’s, what… " he looks in the distance, thinking and counting on fingers… “10? No, 11 Noble houses in the kingdom.”

“Anyway, his family line has ruled the kingdom since then. It’s been several years now since his queen Ellenor has died, and Demitar is getting up in years himself. He must be in his 70’s by now. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to join his queen before long. He’s been a decent king, depending on who you ask. I tend to hear a lot of differing opinions in my travels, but I don’t get too involved in the politics of nobles.”

“I’ve never met him, myself, but he’s got 3 sons and 3 daughters, all married off. I couldn’t tell you all their names, though – I have a hard enough time rememberin’ my own family when I get home.”


King Demitar