The Kingdom of Caburh

The kingdom of Caburh is one of the human kingdoms of Adur. It is ruled by the head of the House of Caburh, King Demitar.

Caburh is the King Demitar‘s capital city, and the biggest in his kingdom. He’s got this highway stretching out west that passes by Haeton – now that’s a place to make some good coin, I’ll tell ya…. and on past to Caelkirk – a port town and the western reach of Caburh before it begins to turn to uncivilized wilderness. Now if you head south of out Caburh down the king’s highway, you go through Wealdstone and Kilead – which ain’t but a day or so from here. there’s a crossroads with a smaller road heading down to Bullmar down on the lake. I don’t get down that way quite as often, though. I make better time and better money on the highway. There’s other towns and all, but they ain’t worth my time to go out of my way for, you know?" -Galadior

Each house rules over different portions of the kingdom, all subject to the king of course, but those families have more drama than I care to be a part of. If you want to know about the nobles, you’re best to talk to a bard or the nobles themselves, if you can get an audience and can stomach" …. “the ettiquette necessary in formal relations with nobility.” -Galadior

Noble Houses of Caburh

The Kingdom of Caburh