Xi Jun

Warlock Urchin from Barmwich


Male, human of Shou descent. 19 years old. Short and thin, standing at 5’5" and 119lbs.

His skin is fair, with a yellowish tinge. His dark brown, almost black hair reaches to his shoulderblades, and is usually kept in a braid. A couple silver hairs stand out on the left side of his scalp.

His face looks young, usually clean shaven. The left side is slightly discolored and even more pale.

His eyes are heterochromic, with his right eye being dark, reddish brown and his left a dull orange.

He wears plain, common clothes underneath his dark studded leather armor. There are a lot of pouches tied to his belt, some of them holding coin, some spell ingredients. Two small scabbards are fixed to his thighs, holding cheap twin daggers. Over his shoulder is slung his light crossbow, and, held by a make-shift harness, a plain quarterstaff.

He is frail but nimble, and despite not being well-read he can hold a discussion without an issue.



Xi Jun woke up in the slavers’ cave alongside Iris, Mucci, Ragnarok and Al Sah-him. Quite lost, he decided to follow the majority of the party in their chase after the bandits who had kidnapped them.

Having seen Sah-him die made an impact on him; he realized what he feared the most.

The relationship with Al Sevan started on wrong foot; arguing over the gloves in the deceased ranger’s possession, then the snarky comments and unfriendly behavior of the swordsman had made Jun dislike the new party member. As time passed, witnessing the fighter’s prowess in wrestling, Jun’s respect for the man kept growing.

He is amused by Mucci’s straightforward nature. He was taken aback slightly when they learned of Mucci’s noble descent, but not enough to lose trust in the barbarian.

He’s not fond of wildlife and nobility. He seems to get panic attacks when in the forest, and when he suddenly finds himself away from the rest of the party. He’s wary of open fire, though when contained, it doesn’t bother him at all.

Xi Jun

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