Wealdstone is a city in the kingdom of Caburh. Wealdstone falls within the borders of House Rothmund. It is also soon to be the location of the wedding of Petturi, son of Demitar & Aldadil, daughter of Lady Jaquelline

In Wealdstone:
The Hog’s Head Inn is a two-storey stone-walled building, with a slate roof. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. It is located In a noble ward, east of a huge oak tree. Its neighbors include a large home and a small public garden. rooms are going for 4gp per night

The “Minstrel & Cask” inn is a single story stone-walled building, with dwarf-wrought iron tables and chairs. Accomodations consist of several large rooms with beds and straw mattresses and several hammocks in the common room. It is In a market area, west of a tree-lined canal. The street outside is filled with strange languages and accents. Rooms typically go for 2gp a night, but are raised to 3gp when there rooms begin getting scarce.

Merchants located in Wealdstone:
2 Bakers
5 Coopers
1 Locksmith
4 Saddlers
11 Barbers
1 Copyists
1 Magic Shops
4 Scabbardmakers
1 Bathhouse
1 Cutlers
15 Maidservants
1 Sculptor
1 Beer-sellers
1 Doctors
1 herbalist
2 Masons
14 Cobblers
2 Blacksmiths
6 cloth dealers
1 Spice Merchants
16 Furriers
8 Old Clothes
17 Tailors
1 Bookbinders
1 Booksellers
1 Glovemakers
2 Painters
1 Tanners
1 Harness-makers
9 Pastrycooks
11 Taverns
1 Shield Makers
3 Hatmakers
1 Plasterer
4 Watercarriers
2 Butchers
4 Hay Merchants
2 Pursemakers
2 Weavers
5 Carpenters
1 Illuminators
1 Roofers
4 Wine-sellers
3 General goods merchants
2 Inns
2 Ropemakers
1 Woodcarvers
4 Jewelers
1 Rugmakers
1 Woodsellers

There are 3 small hovels for sale outside the walls for 300gp, 450gp, & 600gp
There is also a house for sale for 6000gp

Overheard/observed in Wealdstone:

  • “The bard last night was excellent. I loved his story about Shelukkhizd’s War.”
  • “I heard that there’s been gold found up river. My cousin came back with some and sold it to the jeweler.”
  • You overhear some farmers talking about the giant centipedes and how much they’ve lost in crop damage. One man tells about having one that had a burrow large enough for him to walk down into.
  • You hear multiple people complaining about the house of Caburh.
  • Some of the farmers warn you about having seen a large beast roaming the woods west of town. They say to stay away from it, it has killed and eaten some of their livestock recently
  • You hear a rumor that Prince Varos (Demitar’s eldest son) has raised the taxes on his people yet again.
  • You notice that there is a herald posted near the North and South city gates, as well as at the castle gate.
  • “The Cobbler’s boy went missing last week. They found his body a day later, but with those gashes on him I wish they hadn’t.”
  • A pair of farmers came in for a drink. One said that “I found some unusual tracks out by my barn. Had a horse go missing too.”
  • Xi Jun noticed a small figure lurking in the shadows behind the inn.
  • Xi Jun hears a pair of soldiers come in for a drink and one started telling a story about Varos, who had (according to the soldier’s story) taken another man’s wife as his lover – well the woman’s husband came to see Varos one night as he was in bed with her, and he whisked her out a passage that led off into a grove of trees and went to meet the man. Then his wife came back around the front and the husband was none the wiser. Both soldiers had a great laugh at the story, and the man telling it said that his cousin served in Varos’ army once and that is who told it to him.
  • A prostitute wandered in, complaining of a rash that she needs to talk to the herbalist about.
  • The rumor is, that the best musical entertainment in Wealdstone plays at the Minstrel and Cask.